All accessories come standard with Sulser brand swedge cast buckles in silver. Brass is also available at a small additional charge.  Everything is hole-punched and stitch-marked where possible and hand sewn at stress points.  Leather colors available are tan, mahagony brown, dark mahagony brown, dark havannah brown and black.

EA1.  Hunter Breastplate

This traditional hunter style breastplate is at home in the english pleasure ring, hunt ring, hunt field and is legal in most other English disciplines. 

Upgrade from plain leather to square raised trim for $10.00 additional.
Upgrade to add 2 shoulder yoke buckles for extra adjustment for $5.00 additional.
Upgrade from standard Sulser swedge buckles to slip buckles/working buckles for $10.00 additional.
Add a removable standing martingale or running martingale attachment for $5.00 additional.


item is shown with upgrade to square raised trim and shoulder adjustment buckles.

EA2.  Jumper Breastplate

This traditional jumper style breastplate is designed to allow for greater freedom of the shoulder while still keeping the saddle from slipping back over a fence. Buckles over the neck and has loops that attach to both sides of the girth.

Choose from a white 'sheepskin' style muffy covering the chest piece or an 'elastic' chest piece.  Elastic is available in navy or black.
Upgrade from standard Sulser swedge buckles to slip and working buckles for $10.00 additional.

item in photo is shown with buckle upgrade option and black elastic.

EA3.  Running or Standing Martingale

Choose a standing martingale for hunter and equitation horses and a running martingale for jumpers and eventers.

Add $5.00 for raised trim.
Upgrade from standard Sulser Swedge buckles to slip buckles/working buckles for $5.00 additional.


EA4.  Square waffle weave saddle pad

This hand sewn waffle weave square style saddle pad is a TWD signature item. This pad is great for the trail rider, eventer, jumper, dressage horse or lesson scene.

Choose pad color from white, light blue or light pink. 
Choose binding from red, wine, blue, black, purple or light pink. 
Choose any piping color or no piping.
Comes standard with billet straps and girth guides but choose to order a pad without them for ease of tack changes. 
Dressage pads are normally white/white/white.  Dressage pad is available in swallowtail shape or classic square.
Add a monogram to 1 side corner of the pad for $10.00 additional.


EA5.  Lollipop riser pad

Foam riser pad is a great touch for a horse with a sore back. Often seen on jumpers and eventers. This pad is also legal in most other English classes as well. 



EA6.  Half-Back pad

The perfect pad for the horse with a sore back that is looking to stay stylish.  This pad can also be used alone in the hunter ring with no other pads but is often used in combination with either a shaped pad or square pad in any english discipline.


EA7.  Fly Bonnet

These great bonnets made by Kim Burd of Victory Ranch are at home in the jumper ring, driving or out on the trail. 

Choose from navy, blue ribbon, ecru, rainbow, wine, black, white, purple, red, green or hunter. 


EA8.  Jumper Belly Guard

Keep your jumper or eventing horse from injuring himself with his studs or simply an over-zealous tuck with this slip-on belly guard.  Simply add it to your existing girth. Includes some great decorative stitch marking and a cast dee ring.


EA9.  Bridle Number

A must for dressage entries.  Often used in eventing and sometimes seen in the eq ring.  These bridle numbers have a small hook on the back just like the real version so can be used on multiple bridles. Sold as 1 number only just as they appear in the real world.  Please allow me to choose the number that you receive.