My saddles have been proven live show quality at all levels of competition and have horses win championships at NAN every year since 1995 and championships at EMHSA.  I size each saddle to an individual horse for the best overall appearance.  Fittings are available in silver or brass.  My standard grth buckles as Swedge style as my as I feel that hole-punched billets and working tongue buckles are prone to breaking.  However, working buckles on the girth can be ordered or slip buckles without tongues are another option. Dressage saddles will often have working buckles on the girth since they are easier to access.

S1.  Huntseat Saddle

Standard huntseat/close contact style saddle.  Sports padded knees on the flaps, fully adjustable stirrup leathers with punched holes and cast Sulser dee rings.  Available with a standard or forward flap.  Available with or without pencil knee rolls under the flap.   Plain flap without padded knees is also available by special order.  Everything is stitch-marked for added realism and many places are also hand sewn for strength.  Saddle comes complete with a felt shaped saddle pad.

choose from: tan, mahagony, dark mahagony, dark havannah or black.
choose from; regular stirrups or jointed stirrups (add $10.00 for jointed stirrups)
choose from normal swedge stirrup leather buckles or working buckles
choose from self padded girth, sheepsking padded girth or new ergonomic overlay girth.
Optional pencil knee rolls under saddle flaps (add $10.00)


S2.   Dressage Saddle

I love riding dressage myself and am very proud of the realism that I have been able to accomplish in my dressage saddles here.  I have tried to accomplish a medium twist and nice deep seat.  A well flocked cantle and a nice padded knee that you really just want to squeeze.  Pencil knee rolls are available under the flap as well. Traditional long billet and short girth styling.  A third billet over the flap is also available as a standard option.  Everything is stitch-marked and many areas are also hand sewn for added strength and realism.  Cast dee rings finish off the look.  Comes with a felt square saddle pad.

choose from standard stirrups or jointed stirrups (add $10.00 for jointed option)
choose from standard swedge buckles on stirrup leathers or working buckles.
choose from straight overlay girth or ergonomic girth.
choose to add a 3rd billet on the saddle flap as seen on most real dressage saddle brands.
Optional pencil knee rolls under saddle flaps (add $10.00)
upgrade to a fancy waffle weave saddle pad. Square or swallowtail.  (add $30.00)


S3.  Park/Saddleseat Saddle

Don't let the plain look of this saddle fool you. It's supposed to have that flat appearance and those clean lines both of which are a necessity for the park horse.  Stitch-marked leather and hand-stitched reinforcements add realism.  Cast stirrups and dee rings finish off the piece. Each park saddle comes complete with a soft white leather girth. Colored girths are also available by special order.  Stirrups are fully adjustable.

choose from regular Sulser swedge buckles or working buckles on the stirrup leathers.
choose from mahagony, dark mahagony, dark brown or black.