Halters are available in most styles. If you do not see what you are looking for here please send a photograph for a price quote.  Standard leather colors are tan, mahagony brown, dark mahagony, dark brown and black.  Silver hardware is standard but brass is available on any halter for $3.00 additional.

H1.  Ribbon Stock Horse Halter

My most popular halter.  These halters have been styled to look like 'nylon' real horse halters but are made of a polyester ribbon material.  The halters come standard with a removable lead rope with a chain shank and a hand made fully adjustable buckle. 

Upgrade to slotted halter rings and a cast buckle for $3.00 additional.
Upgrade from a matching ribbon lead rope to a hand-twisted 1 or 2 color rope style lead for $3.00 additional.

This halter style is available at wholesale prices for resale. 10+/ $4.50.....50+ /$4.25.....100+/ $4.00

H2.  Grossgrain Ribbon Stock Halter

New for 2009, this grossgrain ribbon lookes even more like the real thing. Fully adjustable buckle at the crown. Comes complete with matching removable ribbon lead rope with chain shank.

Upgrade to slotted halter rings and cast buckle for $3.00 additional.
Upgrade from a matching ribbon lead rope to a hand-twisted lead for $3.00 additional.


halter in photo is shown with upgraded lead rope with no chain shank.  Price as shown would be $10.00.

H3.  Leather Stock Horse Halter

This leather halter is made just like the real deal. Comes standard with jump rings and a hand made working buckle at the crown. Endless upgrades can make this halter into anything you can imagine. Comes with matching leather lead with optional long or short chain shank and working clasp. Rolled or straight throatlatch.

Upgrade to slotted halter rings and cast buckle for $5.00 additional.
Upgrade to 5 way adjustable halter and extra fancy working buckles at crown for $20.00 additional.
Add silver plates to halter for $15.00 additional.
Add silver feurrels to halter for $20.00 additional.
Add stud reinforcements for $5.00 additional.


H4.  Light Breeds Show Halter

A 'patent leather' (looking) browband and noseband really set this halter apart from the rest. This style is one of my signatures and has been top live show proven at all levels of showing.  Comes standard with slotted halter rings, Sulser hardware and a removable lead with chain shank.

Choose from solid color, silver inlay or white inlay browband and noseband.
Upgrade from standard Sulser swedge buckles to slip/working buckles for $10.00 additional.


H5.  Arabian Halter Style A

An Arabian halter style that I cannot take credit for.  I purchased a similar one as a child and had so many requests for the style that I reproduced it.  Tassels and beads are all hand sewn.  6 different materials are used so there is always something to catch your eye.  This halter is not adjustable. State exact horse model to fit.

Choose color from red, blue, green and turquoise. All with gold base and trim only.
Upgrade tassels to a shinier rayon material for $10.00 additional.


H7.  Arabian Halter Style C
A hand woven crown is adorned with hand swen beaded flower design or cowery shells. Chain chinstrap with matching twisted lead rope. Chain noseband can be decorated with charms or left plain. I can do other similar designs. Just send a photo of what you are looking for.

3 tassel design  $45.00
6 tassel design  $65.00


H8.  Draft Horse Show Halter or Bridle

Suitable halter style for most draft breeds.  Stallion halter has a snaffle bit and noseband while the mare version has a chain chinstrap and noseband.  Browband can be decorated with clinchers, conchos or anything else you would like. Send a photo of what you are looking for. White leather is standard but other colors are available as well. Matching removable lead.

upgrade the regular buckles to working buckles for $15.00 additional.
Add a fancy browband for $10.00 additional.

                                                 Stallion show bridle:  $50.00
                                                 Mare show halter:  $45.00

H9.  Hand tied Rope Halter

Traditional style rope halter is made of waxed thread that has been hand twisted and then hand knotted.  Available in natural color only. Comes with matching lead rope.


H10.  Cow Show Halter

Designed by my family cow expert, this cow halter is as true to life as it gets.  Plain styling with reinforced rings at the nose and cast buckles at both cheeks. Matching removable leather lead with chain chinstrap is included. 

Upgrade to slotted halter rings for $5.00 additional.


H11. Lead Rope

Have a halter that needs a new lead?  Here you go.

Twisted lead ropes available in 1 or 2 colors.  With or without chain shank.
Leather lead ropes available in regular or extra fine width. With or without chain shank.
Ribbon lead ropes available with chain shank only.

$3.00 each