P1.  Mini Hold Wax

This wax can be used to hold the bit to your horses mouth, straps in place, flaps down and just about anything else you need it to do.  It can then be removed with a gentle fingernail or a little mild soapy water.  When used properly it will leave your horse looking brand new after removal.  1 tub is enough to last a lifetime but since they're very easy to lose I'd recommend ordering 2.


P2.  Dressage Fence Set by Cliff of TWD

After failing to find what I wanted elsewhere I decided to make myself some nice dressage fences. Then I remembered that I can't make anything out of wood.  However, my stepfather has made these great dressage fences for me to my exact specifications. The workmanship is beautiful and they have NAN qualified over and over again.  The letter is reversible with a B on one side and E on the other.  The coups can also be used with a hunter style jump or in the event field. 

Order an extra letter/set of letters for $10.00/plaque